What people say about Froggy Match-it

What teachers say …

“This is an attractive and user-friendly app which complements class phonics work.  It can be used by children with very little guidance and they find it very enjoyable.”   Mary Murphy, Mullingar

“The children are using the Froggy Match-it app in school and absoloutely love it. It’s amazing to see how many of them are choosing to use it when they have free time. :-)”   Tim Wherry, St Austell

“I love the way it moves from matching to choosing the spelling to actually writing the spelling.”   Maura Enright, Ballyduff

“I like it a lot!”  Magic Múinteoir   Full review.

“The app fits in with the Letters and Sounds scheme we use.”   Anne Harney, Leeds

“We contacted several parents who then purchased the app. The school is planning to promote it to all of the parents next year.” Ian Jarvis, Swansea

“A simple but effective app. It is just what I was looking for.”   Sue, Hampshire

“It is an ideal app for anyone working in a Learning Support Session as you have the freedom for 5 children to work at their level with the additional bonus on downloading specific worksheets for homework or for use in class with their teacher.”  Aistear Múinteoir  Full review

What parents say …

“Parents who have used the app told me the games are user friendly, very good for children who are struggling with spelling and great for parents on the go.”   Michael Conway, Kilkenny

“I personally feel that this game is really helping with his Phonics and spelling its a joy to see his mind working and to hear him learning.”  Jess and Bodhi like it!  Watch.

“It wasn’t long before he was starting to recognize the difference between ‘do’ and ‘di’ and starting to go beyond the first letter of the word.”  See Larabee’s review.