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Don’t forget you can get a FREE app with the intro level and level 1.

Here are some more worksheets, with different interesting styles, to give another slant to learning reading and spelling.

These sheets are great for using before and with Froggy’s intro level.

Download Froggy’s Single Letter Sounds

These bingo games are great alongside the Froggy intro level and level 1.

Download Froggy’s Bingo Game

NEW These sheets focus on c-v-c words and are great for using with Froggy’s level 1.

Download Froggy’s Writing and Matching

These are great alongside levels 1 and 2 and focus on c-v-c words and words with double letter endings that rhyme.

Download Froggy’s Word Families

These sheets help at levels 1 and 2 with bdp reversal problems.

Download Froggy’s bdp phonics sheets

 Odd One Out sheets are really useful alongside Froggy levels 1 to 4.

Download Froggy’s Odd One Out sheets

Mixed-up Phonics sheets are great for Froggy levels 3 and 4.

Download Froggy’s Mixed-up Phonics

Rhyming Words sheets are split into three sections and fit in with the phonics words in levels 1, 2 and 5.

Download Froggy’s Rhyming Words

Same Two Letters sheets focus on adjacent consonants at levels 5 and 6.

Download Froggy’s Same Two Letters

Adding E to C-V-C sheets look at the skills practised at level 7.

Download Froggy’s Adding E to C-V-C

Phonics in Boxes provide writing practice at level 7.

Download Froggy’s Phonics in Boxes

Find the Phonics Words sheets complement Froggy level 8.

Download Froggy’s Find the Phonics Words

Which Spelling? sheets deal with long vowel phonemes at Froggy level 9.

Download Froggy’s Which Spelling?