The phonics screening check: coming to a school near you!

Have 40 words ever caused so much work?  Like it or not, the phonics screening test will take place in June and for all Year 1 teachers in England there is no escape!  We are sure you are heartily sick of chom and quemp and fape, but there is a way you can prepare your pupils for the check that will not take up your time and which your class will enjoy.  I’m talking about the Froggy Match-it phonics app. It deals with the kinds of words used in the check, requires no explanation and concentrates on the actual phonics.  Players cannot move on to a higher level until they have successfully completed one, so you know they are learning and achieving.  You can either let them start at the beginning (c-v-c words) or decide which levels they play, and then let them get on with it, secure in the knowledge that they are preparing for the phonics check.

Practice at home

Froggy Match-it is also ideal for children to use at home, so why not encourage parents to get the app and carry on your good work.  A parent last week told us she found the app a useful way for her to see where her son was in phonics and that she felt he was really learning.

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