Keeping up with phonics during the summer break

How can teachers and parents ensure that children don’t forget the phonics they have been learning over the long summer holiday? Froggy Match-it could be the answer.

At the end of term, one Primary teacher in Cork said that she felt the app was just right for parents to use during the holidays.

“There is a box in our lovely report cards about  ‘How you can further support your child’s learning.’ This usually gets filled with “Encourage X to keep reading over the summer” or something along those lines. This year, I have put in the name of this app as an option for parents if they would like to  do some phonics work with their children over the summer.”

She went on to say that our free writing sheets that accompany each level were ideal for parents to use over the summer.

“For each level of the game, you can download and print a set of worksheets to further consolidate what the children have been learning in the app.  Maybe it’s the teacher in me but I really like this feature because it  means the children are also keeping up with a little bit of writing over the summer months!”

You can see what she said about Froggy Match-it here.

So, teachers, why not recommend the app to the parents of children in your class?  And parents: why not try the app and see how it ensures children are usefully occupied and keep up with phonics and writing?  At just £3.99 the Froggy Match-it app is a small price to pay for such a big benefit.