Froggy for poor spellers

The Froggy Match-it school trials are coming to a close.  Many, many thanks to all those teachers and children who have tried out the interactive phonics games on tablets in their classrooms.  One interesting aspect is that, while the reading and spelling games seem to be very useful for young beginner readers, many teachers say they have had a lot of success using it with older children, too.  Several teachers have reported that older boys in particular find it motivating, and that the interactive games are ideal for improving their spelling.  Here are some of the comments teachers have made:

‘The really positive thing was being able to use it successfully with older children who are functioning at a reading age below 5.’
‘Links in well with dyslexia programme.’
‘Really great for children who need extra support.’
‘Used it with 7-8 year old boys – really helped them focus on their spelling.’
‘Would love to continue to use this app with a severely dyslexic child in Year 3.’
‘Reinforces their spelling.  Was excellent for older pupils who need a new approach.’