Froggy goes global!

The Froggy Match-it app is now being used by a global literacy charity called Curious Learning, who take tablets out to places where children have no access to a school or a teacher.  Researchers at Curious Learning say that the progress children are making is remarkable and that children are starting to learn to read simply by using the tablets.

Stephanie Gottwald, PhD, Co-Founder and Director of Content at Curious Learning said, “Curious Learning is changing the lives of children in Ethiopia, India and South Africa, as they learn fundamental early literacy skills and are on their way to becoming readers.  Apps like Froggy Match-it are an indispensable part of this effort.  Engaging game play around letters and sounds keep kids learning and reinforce the fundamental skills that are their first steps on the path to reading.  Thank you Froggy Match-it for your contribution.”