Extra free sheets on long vowel sounds

This month’s set of free sheets are called Froggy’s Which Spelling?  They are ideal for supplementing phonics work relating to level 9 of the interactive Froggy Match-it games, and deal with the different spellings for the five long vowel sounds /ai/, /ee/, /igh/, /oa/ and /oo/.

There are two sheets for each vowel sound and its different spellings: the /ai/ sheets, for example, deal with words such as train, gate and tray.  This is a very important stage in phonics learning and needs a lot of consolidation. Once children have mastered this, they are well on their way to becoming good spellers.  Get the free Which Spelling? sheets here.

Look out each month for extra, free resources from Froggy Match-it and help your child to really learn and practise their phonics.  The extra sheets are available from the Froggy Match-it website and are completely free. All those who follow Froggy Match-it on facebook or twitter or subscribe to the emailing list will be the first to know about each new set of free phonics worksheets.