Children give the thumbs up to the final version

Today some of the Froggy Match-it team returned to Bugle School to try out the final version of the phonics app with the pupils there.  Since the trials in schools, we have made lots of improvements so we wanted to try out the final version of the reading and spelling games with some children in a school.  They loved it!

Once the children were given tablets with the latest Froggy Match-it phonics game on, they were soon busy using their phonic skills to play the three different activities.  They quickly became engrossed trying to work out the words in the reading game, making words with the tiles in game 2 and typing words using the onscreen keyboard in game 3.

“I like it!” said Taygan.  “I’ve worked out something here,” said Tom.  “It burps!” said Grace.  “I’ve got 400 points now,” said Chloe.

They all enjoyed the phonics activities and worked really hard.  The children were also keen to try out the bonus reward game, where a frog catches flies.  “Oooh, I want a go on that!” said Tom.

Very, very soon, you will be able to experience Froggy Match-it for yourself.  Shortly, it will be available in the app stores priced £3.99, with a free version for those who want to ‘try before you buy’.  Watch this space!