Busy time leading up to the holidays?

This time of year is a busy one for both teachers and parents.  The school production, reports, shopping, keeping excited young ones happy…there are lots of things to do!  The Froggy Match-it phonics app and worksheets are a good way to fill those short, busy periods with something which is useful for children to do, which keeps them occupied and quiet, and which they will enjoy.

If your child is learning to read and spell then the Froggy Match-it app is for you.  It is a collection of reading and spelling games for use on a tablet that can be picked up and played whenever there are 15 minutes or more to spare. Children need no explanations and can get on with the phonics games while you attend to all those things that require your attention.

Whether you want to keep them occupied in the car as you set off in the car to buy presents, or have reports to write and have a spare half an hour in the classroom, the app and the worksheets will fit the bill.

Make sure they are learning and busy playing with the Froggy Match-it app.