Learn to read and spell with the Froggy Match-it app

Developed by teachers, the Froggy Match-it app uses the phonics method advocated by schools to teach beginner readers how to read and spell. Available for iOS and Android devices, the app enables independent learning.  Watch as your child enjoys the interactive learning experience and bonus games.

  • Easy to use

    Froggy Match-it has been developed to encourage children to want to learn and is designed to be used independently. The exercises are clear, bright and engaging, using drag-and-drop movements to ensure children are actively learning.

    Reward-based learning

    The progress and assessment built into the games ensure children focus and work through the eleven levels successfully. The activities improve their reading and spelling skills and they enjoy the reward games at the end of each level.

    Uses method advocated by schools

    The app is designed to complement the teaching and learning in the classroom, and uses the phonics method for teaching children to read and spell. It fits in well with the main phonic schemes used in schools and helps children to practise for the annual check.

  • No in-app purchases or advertisements

    The Froggy Match-it app is so straightforward to use that you can leave you child to work through the activities independently. With this in mind, there are no in-app purchases or ads. Children can focus on learning: parents and teachers can leave them to learn without worry.

    Free complementary paper-based resources

    Froggy Match-it has an extensive and exclusive range of paper-based resources to complement each level and which you can download at no extra charge. Try out the writing sheets, dictation exercises and certificates to further consolidate your child's reading and writing skills.

    Try for free

    We believe in the app we’ve created and want you to have the option to try before you buy. Download level one for free before downloading the full version for £3.99.

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