Free ‘Odd One Out’ Phonics Worksheets


This month’s free sheets look at various phonic skills and aim to ensure the child says and looks at the sounds in words and finds the ‘odd one out’.  The tasks involved concentrate mostly on the vowel sounds, including both short and long vowels. The sheets complement levels 1 to 4 of the app, but… Read more

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More Free Froggy Phonics Worksheets


This month’s free sheets look at the sounds single letters make at the beginning and end of words.  They are ideal for consolidating children’s phonic knowledge on letter sounds before they start playing on the app and learn to read and spell short words. The sheets can be used by any children who are beginning… Read more

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Free sheets on Word Families


For lots of children spelling is difficult.  One way to help them is to look at ‘word families’ so that once they understand how to spell one word, they use this knowledge to spell similar words.  For example, a child who has learnt to spell ‘cat’ can learn how this links to words such as… Read more

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The Phonics Screening Check coming soon

In the week commencing Monday 12 June, Year 1 children in England will be taking part in the Phonics Screening Check, so that schools can check each pupil’s phonic knowledge and progress. There is a way teachers and parents can prepare children for the check that will not take up your time, will not waste… Read more

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Froggy Match-it in the Outback!


A few days ago Curious Learning, the global literacy charity we are working with shipped out 150 tablets with Froggy Match-it app on them, to the state of South Australia.  They are going to be used by children in rural schools in the bush. It’s a small world! Read about our connection with the literacy… Read more

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Free ‘Adding E to C-V-C’ worksheets


This month we are pleased to offer Froggy’s Adding E to C-V-C worksheets.  These sheets are ideal for supplementing phonics work relating to level 7 of the interactive Froggy Match-it games, and deal with split digraphs. The sheets look at how adding an e to short vowel words changes the sound of the vowel from… Read more

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Extra free sheets on long vowel sounds


This month’s set of free sheets are called Froggy’s Which Spelling?  They are ideal for supplementing phonics work relating to level 9 of the interactive Froggy Match-it games, and deal with the different spellings for the five long vowel sounds /ai/, /ee/, /igh/, /oa/ and /oo/. There are two sheets for each vowel sound and… Read more

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The progression from reading to spelling


Teachers know that a child’s spelling skills are built on their reading ability: this seems to be a natural progression. That’s why each of the Froggy Match-it app’s eleven levels has been designed with three games that progress logically from reading to spelling. The first game requires accurate reading to match words and pictures. The… Read more

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How good are Y3 pupils’ phonics skills?


In February this year, the results of a pilot study undertaken by the UK’s National Foundation for Educational Research were published.  300 randomly selected schools trialled materials for a Year 3 Phonics Screening Check pilot.  The pupils who took part in the trial were Year 3 pupils who had not met the required standard by… Read more

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February’s extra free sheets: rhyming


The ability to rhyme is important in building phonological and phonemic awareness.  In other words, making sure a child is able to understand when words rhyme will help with their reading and spelling.  February’s free extra sheets look at rhyming and are in three sections: one section each to go with levels 1, 2 and… Read more

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Kids tell us what they think


Teachers and parents are finding Froggy Match-it really useful for helping their children to learn to read and spell.  The phonics app works well both at school and at home and the children who play it love it. Here’s what some of the children who have used the app said: “I really liked all of… Read more

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Froggy goes global!


The Froggy Match-it app is now being used by a global literacy charity called Curious Learning, who take tablets out to places where children have no access to a school or a teacher.  Researchers at Curious Learning say that the progress children are making is remarkable and that children are starting to learn to read… Read more

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Every month, a different set of free phonics sheets!


This month’s set of free sheets, Same Two Letters, is ideal for children playing levels 5 and 6 of the interactive Froggy Match-it app.  The tasks focus on adjacent consonants, words such as ‘lost’, ‘trap’ and ‘band’, and are useful for any children who are at this stage of their phonics learning.  Get them here.… Read more

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Levels 9 to 11 for Android out now: no price increase!


The Froggy Match-it phonics app now has three more levels for Android devices, making it even more useful for phonics work both in the classroom and at home.  The new levels deal with alternative spellings for all the main vowel digraphs, for example, ‘clay’, ‘snake’ and‘ train’; ‘beard’ and ‘steer’. This is an important stage… Read more

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Busy time leading up to the holidays?


This time of year is a busy one for both teachers and parents.  The school production, reports, shopping, keeping excited young ones happy…there are lots of things to do!  The Froggy Match-it phonics app and worksheets are a good way to fill those short, busy periods with something which is useful for children to do,… Read more

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