Learn to read and spell with the Froggy Match-it app

Access the first level for free

Download the free version of Froggy Match-it for access to the first level. This level deals with three-letter medial short vowel (c-v-c) words. The full version, which gives access to all levels, costs £3.99 in the UK.

Froggy Match-it is a children’s educational reading and spelling game to be used on a tablet or phone. It is an interactive phonics game designed for children who have just started to learn how to read three-letter words.

Froggy Match-it and phonics

The game helps children to learn to read and spell using the phonics approach advocated by the Department for Education and complements the phonics schemes used in schools.

Bonus games

There are several levels to the game, with each of these building on the skills developed in the previous one. Completing each level unlocks a bonus reward game!

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